#COMM2F00 Experience

Overall this course has been very eye opening and has had me look into topics that I wouldn’t normally be interested in. One of the biggest lessons this course has taught me is that the Internet isn’t really free. While we may not pay in dollars and cents to use many of the services the Internet offers, it is far from free. We are offering up our information and data for large companies to use. Now that Communication 2F00 has brought this to my attention I notice these things more. I was looking for a new pair of shoes the other day online and every day since all of the advertisements on Facebook and other websites are for shoes. Most of the time for the exact brand I was looking up! Since I finished high school I have watched a lot closer the things I post online. Now because of this course I realize that as I continue to use the Internet it is important to also watch what it is I am doing online because websites are tracking my every move.

We also looked at many different websites in this course, most of which I was familiar with. But there were also some I had no experience with at all. The site that I think I learned the most about was Wikipedia. I already knew what the website was because it often answers my “Google it” questions. However, when it came to researching for school assignments I avoided Wikipedia all together. This course has had me look into the ins and outs of Wikipeida and I realized that depending on what you are searching for, Wikipeida could be a great resource to find references. If Wikipeida has an answer and there is a notable reference linked to the information I can use that article or website for my research. This I hope will be very helpful when researching for my Humanities class that I am taking this fall.

Communication 2F00 also opened my eyes to world issues when it comes to technology and how far and fast it is advancing. Most importantly the waste that we are creating and how oblivious most of our 1st world society is to the impact. Of course I was aware and concerned about global warming, however I did not stop to think about how our obsession with new technology is affecting this. The Techno-trash week opened my eyes to the reality of what happens with all of our “old” technology. It has caused me to think twice about how often I really need to update my phone or iPod. Moving forward I am going to consider these facts before I continue to constantly update my electronics.

This course has been interesting, informative, and interactive. I really enjoyed the topics we discussed as well as the structure of the course. I will strongly consider taking another online course in the future.


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