Supporting Videos #COMM2F00

The first video I have chosen is a parody about a man who has a social media addiction. This is the first of a series of videos. The video relates how the man’s over use of social media is similar to a drug addiction. This YouTube video is mocking how consuming social media has become in our lives and just like an addiction we can’t stop. This video is critiquing social media as a whole as apposed to a particular site. This video is a parody, which means that the video’s examples are exaggerated in order to make its point. By using exaggerated examples the video is critiquing society’s excessive participation habits. Such as when Mason is in the washroom on his phone and reacts like he has been caught doing something illegal. This is how someone with a drug addiction may react, however we are not normally ashamed of how frequently we use social media. The video is a great critique of our society’s obsession with social media in general. Its exaggeration is funny, yet it causes viewers to stop and consider what the video is saying. If we aren’t careful then our over use of social media could create larger problems.

This video is a remix of Taylor Swifts We are Never Getting Back Together about Twitter. The entire video is made up of different critiques for Twitter. It is ironic because the chorus of the Twitter song is “we are never ever ever getting rid of Twitter”, yet most of its critiques are poking fun at how we use Twitter. It mocks the fact that most of our tweets are pointless, for example what we had for breakfast. It connects the chorus back to other Twitter users and relates to the fact that we are so concerned with how many followers we have or how many retweets we get. The video reflects on the fact that we use Twitter to feel as though we can are connected with celebrities and Politians. It gives us a way to participating in what they are doing and hope that they will notice. The video also slides in a comment about Facebook and MySpace, commenting that we just got rid of MySpace. As well we can see in the comment section people were able to participate by expressing their opinion either agreeing or disagreeing with the video. Overall I think that the video does a great job of critiquing many aspects of Twitter all while appearing to be in favor of “never getting rid” of it.

This video is a parody about Pinterest. It is a remix of Katy Perry’s song Part of Me. The video similar to the last one mocks several aspects of Pinterest, yet overall their review is positive. The video remarks on the fact that we want to look at these all day. I think this is very true about Pinterest it is very distracting and you can end up spending hours looking at different cool ideas. It also relates to the variety that Pinterest offers funny pictures, thoughtful quotes, wedding ideas and more. Just like other social media sites Pinterest users are concerned with being noticed by others. The video critiques how important having followers are and how many repins you have gotten. The end of the video is a video blog in which the YouTuber explains how he uses Pinterest and encourages viewers to participate and give him their input. The videos comments are interesting; most people agree with the video that they enjoy Pinterest. Surprisingly there are several viewers that did not know what Pinterest was, by critiquing the video it has also raised awareness of the site. This video is meant to be fun and upbeat; it gives a positive review as apposed to a negative critique.

This video is a critique of Wikipedia. The video is a parody, which has a professor acting as “Wikipedia” and the class is the online users. The video does a great job of critiquing how widespread each topic on Wikipedia is. For example an x-ray can lead to explanations on x-ray vision, which would then lead to super heroes. The video also critiques the websites control over what is posted. It has a student ask the professor to give information on her and she ends up disappearing because she is not notable. The video also mimics how the website is often updated and changed because so many people have the ability to edit. It demonstrates how this creates confusion when for example a date is repetitively changed. This also goes along with the outrageous facts that are available on Wikipedia, which makes it hard to believe everything that is posted on the site. The video is critiquing Wikipedia’s lack of reliability and sources to back up its facts.

This video is a parody of Tumbler, it is a remix of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen. The video entitled “Do you Want to Get Off Tumbler” critiques the addictive tendencies society has over Tumbler. It is something that is very distracting and we often spend a lot of time on Tumbler either posting gifs or reblogging other people’s posts. The video also critiques how depended we have become on Wi-Fi. The video is critiquing the fact that because we are spending so much time on social media, particularly Tumbler, we have spending less time outside. The video goes on to represent that we are all falling into this path as Elsa gives up trying and gets a Tumbler account as well. In the comment section we can see that YouTubers are in agreement with the critique of the video. The video is primarily critiquing the way we participate on Tumbler and how we allow it to consume our attention for long periods of time.

The video is a parody of Instagram, it is a remix of “Photograph” by Nickleback. Its primary critique is of our extreme over use of the social media for pointless bits of information and updates. For example, what we had for breakfast. The video also critiques the way Instagram has causes us to become so obsessed with publicizing everything we do. As well it points out that we use Instagram to make others jealous, or to make others think we are having more fun than they are. As well it critiques some of Instagrams features, such as the filters. We are constantly with taking pictures editing them in multiple ways and posting an outrageous picture. As well many of the things we all post of Instagram is repetitive. For example on a nice summer day, how many people post a picture of a sunset with the caption “Perfect Day!”. The video also points out that as we mature our picture feed will change, when we are younger it will be our food or friends and when we get older we post picture of our kids. I think that this YouTube video does a great job of critiquing how the over use of Instagram distracts us and we miss the important things that happen right in front of our eyes.


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