Social Media’s Critique of Social Media

Society has always been very critical of everything around us, however we have not always had the ability or opportunity to express our critiques in such a widespread way. The evaluation of Web 2.0 and different social media platforms has provided us this opportunity and allows us to participating in critiquing easily. In the past only television or radio shows had the ability to share critiques with the public, however today every member of the public has the ability to share their opinions. There are many different ways that we can use social media to critique social media I am choosing to focus on how YouTube and Twitter are used to critique other social medias.

YouTube has become a popular medium for this as it gives people a voice. It allows people a variety of options on how they can express their critique. Some may choose to create a short video mocking a social media site. While others use YouTube as a way to post a video blog where they are expressing their feelings both negative and/or positive towards a particular social media site. Some videos may contain both of these types of critique, as you will see in my second part to this assignment, the videos I found have taken different approaches. All of these methods allow people to critique either the entire site or only one particular aspect depending on what they want to critique. YouTubers that have a large follower base have the ability to start a conversation and create noise about the particular site they are discussing. With the comments section available to each YouTube video anyone who views the video can add his or her two cents, either agreeing or disagreeing. YouTube is a great forum to use to critique other social media sites as it has the ability to reach large numbers of people without everyone having to create an account.

Twitter is another social media site that we use to critique other social media sites.
In order to use Twitter it is necessary to have an account, however there are also many “fake” accounts on Twitter. What I mean by “fake” is that it is not a person or organization’s account, it is an account that normally only Tweets on a particular topic. There are numerous “fake” accounts that are used to critique other forms of social media. These include @facebook03, @RememberingMSN, @PinterestFake and many more. Anyone has the ability to create these accounts and remain anonymous behind whatever Twitter handle they decide to create. These accounts also have the ability to engage other Twitter users in participating. By retweeting or favouriting a tweet that is critiquing a social media site, this Twitter user is indicating that they support the statement being made and agree with the critique. On the other hand if the Twitter user does not agree they have the option of replying to the tweet and expressing their opinion. Whether we create a fake account in order to express our thoughts on a particular issue or just retweet and favourite something someone else has tweeted, we are all participating. Twitter offers us a forum to express our opinions and allows us to critique other social media sites in the process.

There are so many different social media sites which all allow us to use it as a medium to critique many things, including other social media sites. I think that this has resulted in making society very difficult to please. We are always complaining about something because we have the ability to do so whenever we’d like by using social media. Ironically this has driven us to critique and complain about many social media sites in which we use to do our complaining. I feel that our ability to use social media sites to critique and evaluate other social media sites has an influence on society over time. This eventually results in us forcing out the old social media site (MySpace) and replacing it with the new (Facebook).


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